Ministry Focus

Olivet Academy London: Site Visit Success, Ready to Begin



By the grace of God the site visit at Olivet Academy London on Friday was a success. The visit was conducted by an official from local government and was focused on whether the building and school polices complied with relevant health and safety standards.


After going through all the relevant documents and having a tour of the building, the inspector confirmed that he saw no reason why Olivet Academy could not begin teaching even next week. Plans are in place and in development to ensure that Olivet Academy staff can provide a fuller service to the children until full registration is achieved. Olivet Academy's next steps will be to get it's first students through the doors, to apply for full registration by the end of the month and to start making preparations for summer school.

One staff member of Olivet Academy stated: "This is a very precious day and God has been kind to us. The last few months and even years have all been leading up to this point where finally we can begin to teach and raise our second generation in what I hope will be the best way possible. It feels like we've been climbing the mountain and finally reached the top and can see the beautiful land on the other side and now we just need to walk in."Thank you everyone for your prayers for Olivet Academy London.